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Wedding Ettiquette

10 Окт 2014

wedding_invitationsA guide for brides and grooms.
Wedding planning is stressful. Throw a few stepchildren, a couple half siblings and an ex-husband or wife into the mix, and you might be asking for disaster. But you don’t have to endure Armageddon on your big day if you follow a set of behavioral guidelines and prepare accordingly. Karen Hickman, a protocol/etiquette consultant with Fort Wayne-based Professional Courtesy LLC, offers some tips for avoiding etiquette faux pas along the way.
Invitation Wording
After the wedding date is set and the wedding party is chosen, the invitations are often top priority on the couple’s To Do list. Hickman says the wording on the wedding invitations is a matter of personal choice, because relationships today are as varied as the choice of color, paper and texture of the invitation. However, she says, “Ideally it would be nice to have both families represented.”
According to Hickman, a general rule of thumb is that those hosting the wedding should issue the invitation.
As insignificant as it might seem, seating at the ceremony is another detail to consider. According to Hickman, the couple should take into account the number of people coming from both families. For example, if the groom’s family is coming from out of town, he might seem underrepresented. For this reason, Hickman suggests mixing the parties to give the venue a more even appearance.
The Guest List
The guest list can add to undue prewedding stress. In general, Hickman believes that the list is a matter of preference and dependant on the relationship with in-laws, friends and the comfort level of the spouses. Likewise, she reminds couples marrying for the second or third time to consider the guests.
“It’s important for the couple to be sensitive to the people who were invited to the first wedding,” she says. “Keep in mind that the people who are coming are your guests and should be thought of and treated that way. Treat guests like you were having them in your home.”
Conflict is inevitable when bringing a group of people together who come from different backgrounds and expectations. To reduce stress, Hickman suggests keeping it simple. “A small, private wedding hosted by the couple is another alternative,” she says.
But don’t be complacent, because etiquette is not stagnant. “Etiquette changes over the years because our society changes,” she explains. Consequently, she suggests that we consult reputable resources like books or websites on etiquette to stay abreast of changing norms.

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